WRLT Lightning 100
Artist of the Week!

I’ve been selected this week as the prestigious WRLT LIGHTNING 100 Spotlight Artist of the Week! They’ve been spinning my single ‘Woman of the Wild’ in heavy rotation! This is HUGE! Not only is this my radio debut, but I’ve been listening to Lightning 100 since I was a kid, dreaming of them playing one of my songs. I can’t think of a more amazing station to have spinning my single! If you haven’t gotten your copy of ‘Woman of the Wild’ yet, snag it on iTunes. It’s only $.99 OR $4.99 for the entire EP/less than most cups of coffee in Nashville.

I also hope you’ll join me at Soulshine Pizza tomorrow night as I play Lightning 100’s showcase right after their on-air broadcast! The band and I hit right at 7! It’s a free show, with delicious pizza and beer 😉 See you tomorrow…or somewhere down this exciting road.

No Country for New Nashville writeup

“On the surface, it’s easy to be impressed by this talented artist’s intelligent lyrics, but a deeper examination of the multi-genre influence on the music behind those lyrics also pays tribute to Haas’ high level of songwriting. In short, Haas and her band understand that music and performance are high level art forms that require sophisticated thought, and do their absolute best to achieve this. However, they don’t let this pursuit stand in the way of falling into a funky groove or having fun on stage. In fact, one of the most engaging parts of watching Anna Haas + The Effect play is simply watching them all run around the stage. Compared to many of the other acts around Nashville, these musicians are quite a bit more mobile, and while this does help draw the audience’s attention, it serves a far more important function: fun. This delicate balance between serious pursuit of music and having a blast not only characterizes this act, it actually does a fantastic job explaining why they’ve grown so successfully.”

Thank you No Country For New Nashville for the killer writeup about last night’s show with Rae Hering Music! We had so much fun. Can’t wait to rock out again February 8th at The Basement and March 31st at 3rd And Linsley (RECORD RELEASE!) Read the review here.